Hi Temp Bumper Weight Plates
Premium rubber blend which create lesser noise and lower, dead bounce each time you slam. 50mm diametre insert for Olympic size bar. Metal insert to ensure smooth installation to barbell and prevent rubber plates from breaking. Easy to clean and store....
from $120.00
Cerakote Olympic Bar
4 needle bearing for smoother rotation - ideal for clean and snatches. Cerakote coating to prevent rust, require simple cleaning and maintenance.  Comes with single knurl mark without centre knurl BLUE Camo - 1.8m (15kg) Grey Camo - 2.2m (20kg)Preorder Timing: ETA...
from $320.00
Parallel Dip Bar Stand
Color: BlackWeight: 8.3 KGLoad Bearing: 130KGOptions:1. Base connected $692. Base not connected $59 - Compact and versatile - Storage friendly - Adjustable height to conduct different workout - Dip, planche, pull ups, push ups, leg raise and more.
from $59.00
20KG Barbell Weight Plate Set
Set comes in barbell and weight plates, easy and convenient combo.  Available in different weights and adjust to your desire intensity.  Weight plates come in different colors and sizes for easier identification.  Ideal for crossfit, home-gym, beginners. 20KG SET- Weight...
Vertical Olympic Plate & Bar Rack
643mm X 568mm X 1025mm, 12KG Loading sleeve: 200mm Tube thickness: 1.5mm Maximum weight load: 500KG Each sleeve able to store 4 Olympic Weight Plates Ale to store 4 barbells Comes in 2 types: with and without wheels Options:Normal (Without...
from $200.00
Voodoo Floss Band
2000mm X 50mm X 1mm/1.5mm (Thickness)  Made of latex that gives great elasticity during wrapping.  Floss band can improve range, restore joint mechanics, or unglue stiff/previously injured tissue. Available in 2 compressions: thicker band can help re-perfusing tissues that have become...
from $18.00
Steel Grip Curl Bar
Product Details: - Weight: 11KG- Total length of bar: 1200mm- Diameter: 50mm - Load bearing: Up to 300KGThe curl bar is traditionally used for exercises that work smaller muscle groups such as your biceps and triceps. These muscles normally require less weight than exercises that use the straight bar such...
Foam Roller
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Foam Roller
Product Details: - Size: 33cm long, 15cm in diameter- Load Bearing: up to 150kg- Features: High elastic EVA - Good elasticity & durable   - Purple is in stock Benefits:- Enhances muscular performance- Relieves muscular soreness and speeds up recovery- Restores muscles and...
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Triceps Bar
662mm X 200mm X 25mm (grip), 8.5KG Maximum weight load: 100KG Made of steel which is durable with 1.2mm knurl Highly adjustable - add or remove weight as you wish! Can be used by anybody, ideal for beginners and experts...
Steel Mace / Sledge Hammer
Feature an all-steel construction for an incredibly durable build. The steel head is fully welded to the metal stem for increased strength. Use this for for a variety of exercises including strength training, CrossFit, combat, and more. Specifically and more...
from $40.00
Weightlifting Wrist Straps
535mm X 35mm X 2mm (Thickness)  Pair of nylon lifting straps for weightlifting, powerlifting, and strength training Cushion wrists for heavy lifts, taking pressure of the hands and grip during deadlifts or rows  Heavy duty stitching increases durability, and merrowed...
Leather Palm Guard (by pair)
Made of top grain leather, tackier feeling on the bar for better lift Comes with metal buckle and guard is adjustable on the wrist Finger sleeve to provide extra support on the grip during lifting This is a pre order...
Split Leather Weightlifting Belt
1200mm X 100mm with sturdy double-prong buckle with a seamless roller. Maintaining proper squat and lifting form and greatly reduce injuries.  Supports lower back (lumbar) and ensure sustain balance and stability throughout lifting sets. Made of split leather with suede inner...
Olympic Dumbbell Bar (by pair)
500mm X 25mm(Grip dia.) X 50mm(Sleeve dia.) 4KG steel-made barbell with black oxide coating. 1.2mm knurl, gives off a firm but non-abrasive grip. 50mm sleeves which fits into all standard Olympic weight plates. Comes without needing bearing and bronze bush. ...
Olympic Supra Eye Barbell
Multi-grip Olympic barbell Able to grip the bar in both a standard grip, hammer grip, or at 45 degrees. Isolate and intensify bicep and forearm development through supination Designed to reduce stress on tendons and joints while targeting upper arm...
Muscle Trac Massager
The Muscletrac Elite Flex is a 6 Trac performance massage roller with ergonomically designed handles and a more flexible inner rod that contours around the muscle for users that prefer a lighter massage.
from $35.00
Multi-Smith Machine
from $1,499.00
Multi-Smith Machine
Product Details: -Dimension of rack: 175cm x 212cm x 216cm -Weight of product: approximately 145kg Multi-functional smith machine that offers varieties of full body workout: Squat Bench Press Standing cable chest fly Seated chest fly High-low pulley for back workout Go...
from $1,499.00
Multi Function Storage Rack
Pick what you need and assemble as you prefer.  Weight plates holder, flat plates, tube-shaped plates, and dumbbell rack plates available to choose from. Round tubes and J tubes available to store extra/lightweight weight plates. Plates are welded and painted...
from $15.00
Multi Gym Pro
from $3,250.00
Multi Gym Pro
Product Details: Dimension: 195cm x 153cm x 205cm Weight : 252KG Can load up to 300kg Slim, compact design that takes up little place for installation.  Complete with lat pull down, leg lift machine, dual pulley, chest press machine, and...
from $3,250.00
Strongman Log (Without Sleeves)
Made of rubber with is easy to clean.  Available in different weights which allows users to progress into strongman training.  Vertical grip which is easy on the wrist and shoulder. Preorder Timing: ETA 1 Month from order date.
from $120.00
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