Gym Rack Attachments
Gym Rack Attachments   Type 1) Spotter Arms 75X75/pair $240 Type 2) Dips/ Pegs (25mm)/pair $100 Type 3) Weight Plate Holder $100 Type 4a) Sandwich Jcup/pair ,60x60(1.7cm hole/2.5cm hole)  $120 Type 4b) Sandwich Jcup/pair ,75x75 (17mm hole/25mm hole)  $120 Type 5) Slam...
from $60.00
Gym Rack Attachment 2
Gym Rack Attachment 2 Model A to Model V. All items are same prices. $80 for each. Preorder Timing: ETA 1 month from order date.
Grip attachments 2
Grip attachments 2 Different types of grip attachmentOption:1. Wrist Roller $502. Loading Pin $403. Pinch Block $404. Square Tube Loading Pin $405. Claw Grips $306. Grandfather Clock Grip System $40Preorder Timing: ETA 1 Month from order date.
from $30.00
Lifting Chain
from $140.00
Lifting Chain
Suitable for experience lifters who are looking to increase workout intensity.  Comes with steel collars and T-shaped screw to secure chain to your barbell sleeves.  160cm long and compatible with 50mm diametre hole of Olympic sized barbell. Made with heavy...
from $140.00
Grip Attachment
Grip Attachment1. Its fun! ~ Attached it to your Pull up Bars. 2. Enhanced your gripping Strength.3. Activate muscles you never knew you have!4. Good Grip. Strong hold.Preorder Timing: ETA 1 month from order date.
Golf Ball Grip Unit
Golf Ball Grip Unit1. Enhanced your gripping Strength.2. Activate muscles you never knew you have!3. Good Grip. Strong hold.73mm DiameterPreorder Timing: ETA 1 month from order date.
Dog Bone Gym Attachment
Challenge your fingers with the spherical ends. The strap can be attached to a pull-up bar or kettlebell for a quick workout change.  You can also use chain to attach it to bumpers or cast iron weight plates to train...
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