Skipping Mat
120cm (Diameter) x 0.6cm (Thickness) Non-slip dual surface ensures mat doesn't move during skipping on Made of high-density PVC that is tear resistance and peel resistance Easy to clean and dry Comes with a storage bag that is portable This...
Woman Hex Trap Bar
1418mm x 730mm X 130mm Weight of the product is 11kg Max load up to 240kg Suitable for 50mm olympic weight plates   This is a pre-order product, ETA would be 30 days after order placed. 
T1902 Home Use Magnetic Elliptical Trainer
1400mm x 640mm x 1670mm, 60KG Maximum weight capacity 135KG 6KG flywheel, 32 levels with silent magnetic resistance Plug-free design! Cycle to generate electricity to keep the digital counter running Oversized pedal for different feet placement - find your position...
Commercial Flat Bench
130cm X 45cm X 30cm, 24KG Weight capacity: 350KG Comes with wheels that is easy to move around Non-slip leg cap that can prevent scratches on floor Firm cushion for extra comfort
MMA Water/Air Punching Bag with Cushion Wrap
155cm x 33cm, 30KG~60KG World's first water-air dual core punching bag Package comes with air pump and hose - allow users to fill water/air in with ease Made of PVC leather that is waterproof, durable, wear-and-tear resistance Steel D hook...
Boxing Gloves Dehumidifier Pack
7.5cm x 20.5cm, 95g Pack is filled with wood shred to absorb odour and moisture effectively Keeping gloves dry to prevent bacteria from breeding  Stuff each pack in each glove after training for best result This is on pre order...
MMA Doughnut Training Bag
Bag is 45cm in diameter Maximum weight load up to 15KG  Able to fit water bottle or sand in the training bag Water resistance material that is easy to clean Comes with plastic grip for easy to carry around This...
Frameless Wall Mirror for Gym
Flat, floating mirror that gives off clearer, vivid reflection Come with high bearing capacity acrylic tapes and PVC glue which able to hold more weight and leave no residue when mirror is detach Features a classic seamless edge for a clean and...
from $65.00
Commercial Shoulder Press Machine
1540mm x 1590mm x 1685mm, 256KG 64KG weight stack to challenge your upper body strength  Magnetic latch to prevent latch from slipping out from the plates Heavy duty pulley system that is wear and tear resistance Leather cushion that is non-absorbing...
Commercial Leg Extension Machine
1670mm x 990mm x 1620mm, 220KG 80KG weight stack to challenge your leg routine Laser-cut 3mm steel, fully welded for structural integrity Adjustable seat to maximum comfort Cushions are made of PU foam with leather surface, all wrap up in...
Commercial Chest Shoulder Press Combo
1840mm x 1310mm x 1580mm, 204KG Maximum weight load up to 150KG Each frame receives an electrostatic powder coat finish to ensure maximum adhesion and durability 2-in-1 combo that cater to both chest and shoulder press Adjustable seat with pop-pins that...
Single/Butterfly Cable Pulley Beam
1080mm x 700mm x 2100mm, 130KG Maximum load up to 400KG  Fully adjustable pulley that provides following exercises: high pulley, low pulley, leg kick, pectoral fly Heavy-duty steel tubing (50mm x 100mm x 3mm) construction for structure integrity Available in...
from $978.00
Commercial Angled Leg Press Machine
2170mm x 1610mm x 1260mm, 239KG Maximum weight load up to 150KG Frame is made of 100mm x 50mm x 2.5mm steel to ensures maximum structural integrity Adjustable seat angle to target different muscle group Pads are molded and stitched with...
Strength Training Dipping Belt
Boost the weight and increase the difficulty Maximum load up to 15KG -- Great for users who start with lighter weight Ideal for pull-ups and dips Made of leather and extra thick sponge for comfort and protection This is on...
Foldable BQ 1 Half Bike
100×47×110cm, 11.5KG -- maximum weight load 90KG No-seat design, users will have to swing their body to steer the bike, which can train core power and stability The head and body is flexible and can have broad swing scope Light,...
Indoor Fitness Rebounder
Rebounder supports up to 200KG and it is easy to assemble Screw the rubber-tipped legs into the structure tightly at use the rebounder Simple unscrew the legs to store the rebounder Waterproof PP mat that is highly durable and easy...
from $88.00
Bungee Suspension Trainer
A new suspension trainer that combine both cardio and strength Helps to improve overall balance and flexibility The harness serves as a support to your body during workout Made of Nylon, latex, and 45 Steel for maximum reinforcement and safety Maximum weight...
Football Speed Hurdles
Speed hurdles for field training Ideal for group activities, functional training, and student activities Comes with leg cap to secure hurdle in place Available in 4 different height This is a pre order product. ETA would be 30 days after...
from $12.00
Bench + Storage Rack Combo
1247mm x 360mm x 517mm ~ 1351mm, 40KG A combination of a bench and storage, made with premium steel for a sturdy exercise experience Designed to be space saving, when dumbbells, kettlebells can be stored under the bench Bench height...
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