Commercial G5 Multi-functional Smith Machine
2000mm X 1400mm X 2180mm, 210KG (Rack only) Includes build-in storage for storing weight plates, attachments and bars. Made of premium steel with 3mm thickness to ensure safer lifting experience Adjustable cable length to elongate or shorten Consist of functional...
from $2,899.00
Commercial SCR Multi-Functional Smith Machine + Power Rack Combo
2121mm X 1580mm X 2290mm, 246KG (Rack only) Safe and versatile, designed for commercial use Include build-in storage for Olympic bar Comes with multiple industrial spring attachment to absorb shock from carriage Consists of functional training below, all wrapped up...
from $5,499.00
9010DE Functional Trainer & Smith Machine Home Gym Combo
1968mm X 2600mm X 2170mm, 238.5KG (Rack only) 50mm X 70mm steel upright with 2.5mm thickness A versatile, convenient, and safe, design for home-gym use Includes build-in storage weight plates Consist of functional training below, all wrapped up in laser-cut...
from $3,850.00
GW-7 Functional Trainer, Power Rack & Smith Machine Combo
1465mm X 2123mm X 2302mm 436.5KG (Rack only) A versatile, convenient, and safe piece of strength training equipment. Includes build-in storage for storing handles, weight plates, and safety bars. Keeping your gym space clean and tidy.   Consist of functional training...
from $2,880.00
Multi-Smith Machine
from $1,499.00
Multi-Smith Machine
Product Details: -Dimension of rack: 175cm x 212cm x 216cm -Weight of product: approximately 145kg Multi-functional smith machine that offers varieties of full body workout: Squat Bench Press Standing cable chest fly Seated chest fly High-low pulley for back workout Go...
from $1,499.00
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