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What is a Cerakote Bar? Should I get one?

by Gym 51 SG 23 Jul 2021

With the recent spike of Covid19 cases (again) in Singapore's major fish port, Singapore government has decided to shut the local gym down for another few weeks, which bring most gym rascals to one question -- which bar should I get? 

A good lifting bar is like the centre piece in your home gym, and we always recommend our folks who have a little more budget to go for something better, which is the Cerakote Bar. 

So, what exactly is Cerakote Bar? 

Cerakote is a kind of coating that gun maker has been using for a while. It’s a thin ceramic coating because of its hardness and durability, but even more so its corrosion resistance. We are talking about 0.025mm of coating here. 

Other than it's remarkably thin coating, Cerakote adheres to a wide range of materials – steel, aluminum, stainless steel but also plastics or polymers, and wood. Although these coatings have proven to hold up well over time, according to Cerakote as well as many independent, third-party testers, in a corrosion salt spray test, the Cerakote coating has proven to last over 70 times longer than both chrome and stainless steel.* That being said, Cerakote Bar can last for quite some time in humid climate like Singapore. 

But, does that means Cerakote Bar is free from maintenance? We recommend users to brush the bar once a month to remove dead skin or chalk build-up from the knurling to keep the bar fresh.


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