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Back to 14 days: Tips to survive quarantine alone in Singapore

by Gym 51 SG 28 Jun 2021

And Singapore's Stay Home Notice (SHN) has gone back to 14 days from the initial 21 days, which is absolutely encouraging to hear. However, a long quarantine stay in an isolated room alone, with limited interaction and activity can be mind suffocating. With the government made the stay mandatory in a hotel -- at your own expenses, which makes the stay extra depressing whenever you look at your bank account. If we are to be confined within four walls for 14 days, we want the experience to be as comfortable as staying at home.

Exercising, or simply staying active is actually beneficiary to our mind and body - including reducing the risk of depression, cognitive decline and delay the onset of dementia. Don't mind the compact space, walking around or walking on the spot is a great start to keep your muscle working. But, if you are looking for more intensity, or want to get back to your usual routine, here are what we recommend: 


Cardio exercises like running, cycling, jumping are great workouts to avoid oneself from getting loopy. A treadmill or indoor exercise bike is ideal to get your heart rate up and make you sweat away in every workout session. If you have a portable equipment with you, that's great; but if you don't have one, you can always check out the local gym or equipment shop to rent one. Our K300s Indoor Spin Cycle is up for rent too. 

Weight Training

Muscular strength takes about three weeks to begin declining, and if you want to maintain your strength, adjustable dumbbell or kettlebell could be what you are looking for. Modular equipment is the ideal tool in a compact space, and its multi-function feature makes it perfect to train your full body. Throw in a bench and you got yourself a mini home gym. 


Not every one is a fan or high-speed cardio or strength workout. Bodyweight exercise can be equally challenging and can give you the sore that you muscle craves. Rent yourself a resistance band, suspension rope, a yoga mat and you're ready to go.  


Gym 51 offers competitively priced gym equipment with great quality. All the products offered here sourced with great care and have received a lot of great reviews from our past users. With a great selection across different type of home gym equipment, you can be assured to find just the perfect equipment without breaking the bank.


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