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Hexagon Dumbbell
$85.00 from $15.00
Hexagon Dumbbell
Premium steel with knurl and matte black rubber coating. Available in various weights - from 2.5KG - 50KG.  Hexagon design with multiple flat surface for more stability, able to perform dumbbell push-up, dumbbell planks, and more workout! * It is...
$85.00 from $15.00
Multi-Function Adjustable Dumbbell/ Kettlebell
Options:10KG Set - (1+1.25)KG x 4 + 35.5CM Barbell20KG Set - (1.25+1.5+2)KG x 4 + 40.5CM Barbell30KG Set - (1.25+1.5+2+2.5)KG x 4 + 50.5CM Barbell40KG Set - (1.25+2.5)KG x 4 + 3KG x 8 + 50.5CM BarbellProduct Details:- 4 in 1, can...
$125.00 from $108.00
Tri-Grip Olympic Weight Plate
Premium rubber coated which is create lesser noise and scratch-proof. 50mm diameter insert for Olympic size bar. Metal insert to ensure smooth loading to barbell and prevent rubber plates from breaking. Waterproof, makes it easy to clean and store. Weight plates are smaller...
from $20.00
Hare Fitness Olympic Barbell
Product Details: Standard alloy steel Olympic size barbell with 50mm diametre sleeve No centre knurling, ideal for deadlift and bench. Bushing finish that is great for beginners, heavy lifters, and powerlifting moves. Affordable range of bars without having to break the...
from $90.00
Light Weight Mini Dumbbell Female Dumbbells - CLEARANCE
CONSTRUCTION - Iron core and coated dipped in 3mm of neoprene for maximum safety and comfort FEATURES – Hexagon shaped-heads prevent rolling. The medium diameter handle provides essential grip and security during use. Neoprene coating is durable and protective FUNCTIONAL -...
from $9.90
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Commercial grade Slam Ball
Product Details: Strong PVC outer shell and a sand-filled core to prevent the ball from bouncing or rolling. PVC is also durable which doesn't break easily, keeping sand from leaking.  Flexible rubber for impact dissipation and bounce resistance. Textured shell to help...
from $28.00
Powder Coated Kettlebell
Upgraded model with wider flat surface Wider grip for better workout experience Matte black coating with colour painted work for easy identification Versatile and functional - perform squat, deadlift, row, even snatches too Made of cast iron, gives off a...
from $35.00
Hare Fitness Cerakote Olympic Barbell
from $316.00
Hare Fitness Cerakote Olympic Barbell
 Product Details: Men Total length 2.2m 4 needle bearing 190000 PSI 20KG 1500lb 28mm grip Sleeve length: 1310mm Shaft length: 445mm Available in khaki, red, dark blue, green, yellow, orange, white, black, and grey Women Total length 2.01m 4 needle...
from $316.00
Bosu Ball
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Bosu Ball
Product Details:Features: - Thickness: 8mm - Load bearing: Up to 300KG - Diameter: 58cm - Size: 20cm x 58cm - Material of ball: PVC - Material of bottom: ABS Benefits: Forget about the burst. Designed with 8mm thick PVC, this...
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Quick Adjustable Dumbbell
Product Details: Dimension: 40cm*20cm*23cm Adjustable 2kg to 24kg Easy to change & adjust weights as you progress Non-slip handles which is easy to clean Change weight in just a few turns at the side of dumbbells Space saving and money...
from $165.00
Powerlifting Thin Metal Plate - CLEARANCE
Made with cast iron and coated with different colours for easy identification 50mm diameter insert for Olympic size bar Waterproof, makes it easy to clean and store Weight plates are thinner in size, offer more barbell space to load more weight...
$49.00 from $33.90
Steel Mace
from $55.00
Steel Mace
Made of no 45 steel (45# steel is a carbon structural steel with a carbon content of 0.45%). Feature an all-steel construction for an incredibly durable build. The steel head is fully welded to the metal stem for increased strength....
from $55.00
Competition Kettlebell - CLEARANCE
Product Details: Upgraded model with wider flat surface Ergonomic grip for better workout experience. Matte black coating with colour painted work for easy identification.  Versatile and functional - perform squat, deadlift, row, even snatches too.  Made of cast iron, gives...
$90.00 from $63.00
20KG Barbell Weight Plate Set
**Please contact us before purchasing, thank you!** 20KG SET Only - Weight plates included 1.25kgx2 , 2.5kgx2 , 5kgx2- Length of Barbell 1.4 meter, hole diameter 3cm Product Details -Set comes in barbell and weight plates, easy and convenient combo. -Available in...
Avec Premium Weight Plate - CLEARANCE
Product Details: 50mm diametre insert for Olympic size bar. Stainless steel insert to ensure smooth loading to barbell and avoid rusting. Waterproof, makes it easy to clean and store. Weight plates are smaller in size, hollow design with handle makes it easier to carry....
$191.60 from $100.00
Avec PU Competition Kettlebell - CLEARANCE
Product Details: -Stainless steel handle and perfectly welded - Made of PU material: water-resistance and odourless - Flat surface which allows kettlebell to stay put - True to weight and extremely durable   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Shipping Fees and Terms: Guide: **...
$260.00 from $180.00
Club Bell
from $50.00
Club Bell
Product Details: Each club is made from heavy-duty steel with a smooth matte black finish. Clubs are extremely versatile and allow you to perform dynamic, challenging movements that will provide your whole body with an awesome, unique workout. Suitable for...
from $50.00
4 Line Metal Olympic Plate - CLEARANCE
Product Details: 50mm insert diameter, ideal for Olympic size bar Made of cast iron with baked-enamel which is highly durable and chip-free For those who adore raw and industrial-like fashion Raised silver numbers help to easily identify weight size Sold...
$150.00 from $30.00
Woman Hex Trap Bar
Measurement :1418mm x 730mm X 130mm Weight of the product is 11kg Max load up to 240kg Suitable for 50mm Olympic weight plates  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Shipping Fees and Terms: Guide: ** Delivery Time (please do confirm the product status before...
PVC Bulgarian Bag
Product Details:- Color: Black with different colour code- Material: High Quality PVC- Weight: 5kg/8kg/10kg/12kg/15kg- Can be used to target the core, legs, shoulders, upper back, triceps, biceps, and forearms- Easy to use, requires no additional tools, attachments, or set up...
from $44.50
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