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5 Tips On Designing Your Very Own Home Gym

by Gym 51 SG 04 Oct 2022

Ever wonder to own your very own home gym that screams personal space? If you are feeling real bougie, just go for it -- and having one means it's more convenient, and safer, as the pandemic rages on. 

About the look

To design a dedicated home gym, not only it should be functional, atmosphere and lighting are as important too -- much like any other room in your home. We recommend to add big standing mirrors and have bright lights installed for a better view during exercising, or a big window could do the trick (for the sake of natural light). The room doesn't need to be a vast one, you can always paint the wall and floor in dark colour to create a sense of drama and unification -- which helps to expand the space visually. 

About the equipment 

Understanding the equipment that you'll use is the key in setting up a home gym. Best if you could draw a simple floor plan, study the space that you have, then select the equipment that you'll use very often to allow your gym have a good spatial flow. Thankfully, multi-function or modular equipment is widely available these days, which helps to free more space while keeping your workout game strong. You have interactive workout programme like Tonal or Mirror that can be mounted at the wall; slim cardio machine such as upright bike or rower is great for a quick sweating session; if you prefers strength training, modular dumbbell or even smith machine with built-in cable training system to save space and not sacrificing your exercise routine. 

About flooring

It's crucial to have your flooring ready before installing your equipment to protect the ground from scratches and brutal force. Avoid carpets and wooden vinyl because they are hard to clean and excess moisture can lead to mold if not dried properly. On the other hand, thick rubber gym mat helps to withstand more weight and force from the equipment, and it is more durable as compared to carpet. 

About designing your home gym

Understanding the details of the room is a crucial part of this. How may electrical outlet the room has, the location of the window and the door, the ventilation and lighting of the room -- list out all of them, as well as the footprint of your equipment for a better planning. You would want to leave some space at all 4 sides if you have a smith machine; or place the treadmill near power source so you won't have wires snaking everywhere. 

About maintenance

If you have big machines, cardio equipment, or AI interactive product, it's always good to have a the contact of the company just in case the machines are not working. As for barbells and dumbbells, you can clean them with a nylon brush and oil to get the gunk and brittle rust out. Last but not least, wipe dry the floor before you left the room! 

Here are some equipment recommendations that you can consider: 

Hare Fitness Smith Machine + Cable Pulley Machine

An all-star machine that combines both smith machine and cable machine into a multi-function beast. Perfect for home use or commercial use. 


Hare Fitness Cerakote Bar

Time spent on cleaning barbell has gotten lesser with Hare Fitness Cerakote Bar. With Cerakote ceramic coating the bar, which minimise chances of rust that is caused by moisture.

Multifunction Adjustable Kettlebell Dumbbell Set 

Modular equipment like this frees up more space which is less clutter and you can train your body in various ways using different equipment that you can assemble. Most common equipment that you can assemble are dumbbell, barbell, and kettlebell. 


Single/Double Butterfly Cable Pulley Beam

It's tall, slim design makes it almost perfect to be in every home gym. Simply set it up at any corner of the room and start your training routine. Cable pulley can be adjusted at any height and stacked weight comes in 70KG and 100KG. 

Compact Magnetic Rower 

Another slim, compact machine that boots your heart rate. Designed to be storage friendly, simply lift the rower upright and lean it against the wall to free space. However, do plug into a power source to start using it. 


Rubber Gym Mat

This ain't no home gym without proper flooring. Thick rubber flooring helps to protect your floor from dents and scratches -- which is why it is essential in every home gym. Choose mats that are at least 2cm thick and has a solid surface to allow your equipment standing still on the mats.



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