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5 Exercises To Help You Progress Your Pull Up

by Gym 51 SG 21 Dec 2021

When it comes to bodyweight exercises, y'all think they are pretty easy because there's no extra weight. Well, the truth is -- bodyweight exercise is not as easy as we think easy, especially when we are struggling to do one pull up. 

Yes, a proper pull up is considered a nightmare to most people. But to be fair, no one is born to excel in pull up. One needs consistent training to build up strength and muscle control on shoulders, arms, back, and core muscle. If you're wondering how can you improve your strength, here are 5 exercises that you can follow to achieve your first ever pull up. 

Bent over row

This is one crucial exercise that helps to build up your back muscle. Not only it helps you practice the bottom of the movement, row helps to build grip strength and the eccentric phase of the pull-up is all about lowering down with control. Grab a pair of dumbbell or a barbell to 

Lat pull down

Similar to the motion of a pull-up, this move engages your back. Keep your core tight, back straight, and chest up as you pull the lever down. You can also practise this at home by using a thick resistance band. Tie it around the window grid and pull the bands down with your back straight and chest up.

Hollow hold

Core plays an important role in pull up -- it stabilises your body as you lift yourself up, and preventing your lower back from bearing unnecessary stress. This pose is great to strengthen your core if you're not into 100 crunches a day. Simply lie your back on the ground, push and engage your core while holding your arms and legs away from ground.  

Hanging hold

To build up the endurance of your shoulder and grip, nothing beats a hold position. Dead hang from a pull up bar, pull your shoulders down and squeeze your lats into a reverse shrug. Then, repeat the motion until fatigue.

Push pull negative

Sick of having to do pulling motion all the time? Let's throw in a push motion to improve your chest, back, and shoulder strength. Grab a set of dumbbell and rest them on your shoulder, bend your knees a little and jerk while pushing the dumbbells upward. 


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