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How To: Build your Dream Home Gym Under $1000

by Gym 51 SG 10 Jun 2021

With the pandemic sweeping across the globe, going to anywhere that is boisterous, including the gym, seems almost impossible. Plus, with the rise of YouTube workout videos, throw in some workout equipment makes exercise at home a whole lot easier --- and cheaper. If you are planning to start working out at home 24/7, perhaps you can invest in a home gym. 

The best part? You can set an all-inclusive cardio-strength-recovery home gym with no more than $1000. However, there are some things you might want to consider before splurging. 

1. The size of your home gym

Where are you going to set up your home gym? In your bedroom? Or at the living room? The ideal space for home gym should be at least spacious enough to put a yoga mat. Then, from there, draft out the measurement you need if you are planning to include free weights, storage rack, or even a gym rack. Some gym racks are so tall, your room ceiling is the limit in your home gym plan. 

2. What's your workout type? 

Some people focus solely on weight training, while others are a mixture of both weight and cardio. Always plan your fitness regime and have the equipment all sorted out, which will make purchase easier and faster. 


Slim and compact is always the key when it comes to home gym. Yet, cardio machines like treadmill, row machine can take up most of your space. Hence, unless you can get a slim-designed machine, weighted jumping rope seems like a great option, and a bang for the buck too. Here's what we recommend for a cardio fan: 

- K300s Indoor Spin Cycle, $165

Designed to be compact and stay quiet along the ride. 

- Speed Rope, $6.90

Portable, storage friendly, and easy on the budget too. 


Weight training

If you have enough space for a power cage or rack, congratulations as you hit the home gym-jackpot; if you are tight in space and case, adjustable dumbbell or kettlebell might do the trick. Also, throw in a bench, resistance band, and bosu ball for a all round full body training. If you're a bodyweight fanatic, weighted vest might be your thing. 

- Pull-up Bar / Dip Tower, $100 ~ $170

A compact full body crusher that requires minimal space only 

- Multi-functional Adjustable Dumbbell/Kettlebell, $65 ~ $165

4-in-1 workout must have, can be turnt into dumbbells/kettlebells/barbells or even push up handles.

- Bosu Ball, $56.90

Strengthen your muscles as well as practice your mental focus.

- Resistance Band, $5.80 ~ $9.90

Ideal for simple weight training, yoga, pilates, crossfit, aerobics and many more.

- Weighted Vest, $200 ~ $288

Multiple weight blocks for you to customise your weight as you progress


3. Space setup

Say if you got yourself a few sets of dumbbells, a vertical dumbbell rack may come in handy. And if you want thicker cushioning for your back and joints, invest in a few pieces of gym mats are gonna benefit you in a long run. 

- Inverted V Dumbbell Rack, $70 ~ $170

Made with solid steel that is durable and able to hold dumbbells from 1KG ~ 15KG

- Rubber Gym Mat, $38 ~ $44

Withstand impact, soundproof - ideal for people who live in hdb, apartments, or condominiums.

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