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Here's Why You Need Weighted Vest In Your Exercise Routine

by Gym 51 SG 13 Apr 2021

We are unsure when or where did the weighted vest trend comes from, but we guess this trend won’t be going anywhere so soon. Weight from 10KG up to 20KG, this bad boy comes with removable weight plates for users to adjust the intensity. However, as innocent as it looks, we do suggest you to only put on a weighted vest IF you have already mastered the basics of your workout, and be sure to start with lower weight for your body to adjust accordingly.

So, what are the benefits of a weighted vest and how can you incorporate it in your exercise routine?

  • Increase the challenge of bodyweight workout

Put on a 10KG weighted vest and you can feel an immediate effect of the extra weight while keeping your hands empty. You can still perform push-ups, dips, squats, even pull-ups with your free hands. Start with lower weights and slowly work your way up if you are feeling more comfortable.

  • Go on a hiking trip

Macpherson or Henderson Waves, put your vest on and go on a morning hike, where the real challenges starts when you’re hiking uphill. Just remember to hydrate yourself from time to time, because you know how the weather like these days in Singapore

  • If you have weaker grip strength

There are times where our grip strength can’t catch up to our body strength. Let’s say you are listing 30KG, you can always put a 10KG vest on, and lift 20KG. Not only this protects your wrist from injury, but you have also achieve your goal of lifting 30KG.

  • Great for home workout

The compact design of weighted vest is ideal for any home gym and home workout. It is easy to clean and you can store it in your cupboard or hang it on a shelf after you’re done with your routine.


Gym 51 offers competitively priced gym equipment with great quality. All the products offered here sourced with great care and have received a lot of great reviews from our past users. With a great selection across different type of home gym equipment, you can be assured to find just the perfect equipment without breaking the bank.

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