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Step Up Your Home Gym Game With These 5 Must-Have!

by Gym 51 SG 21 Apr 2021

With the pandemic still lurking around the world and commercial gym are having a hard time in containing the virus, the needs of setting up a home gym flourished like never before, and it is consider one of the most lucrative business out here. But... not every one is a pro when it comes to a home gym setup: what tools to buy, what machines to include, the art of storage.... It could be a disaster if it is not done nicely and effectively. 

So, other than the colourful resistant bands and dumbbells in a random weights, what do you exactly need in a home gym set up? 

Gym Mat

One of the most underrated fitness must-have. The purpose of gym mat is not just for vanity reason, but to protect your floors from the constant slamming of dumbbells and possible scratches that come from racks and bigger machines. Also, it's thick rubber blend is great in absorbing shock and noise - which saves you from your HDB neighbour's complaints. 


When we say safety first when doing exercises, we mean it. Certain exercises like chest press, shoulder press, bulgarian lunges require a bench for a) provides the support that we need so we don't lose our balance; and b) no one would want to do chest press on the concrete floor. 

Multi-functional Power Cage

This all-in-one fitness machine is probably the ace of home gym. It consists of a landmine, a lat pull-down, a pull-up bar, dip bar, and you can convert it into a squat rack. Throw in a bench, and it's good for chest press. Some power cages are designed to be storage friendly, which allows users to fold it after use and store them at the corner of the room. Compact? Yes. Convenient? Yes. Great value for money too. 


What are the differences between kettlebell and dumbbell, you asked? Both of them are great free weight equipment, but the extra handle attached on the kettlebell allows user to perform exercises like clean and swings, which engage more muscles and strengthen flexibility. So go creative when you get one kettlebell!

TRX Suspension 

Not to forget the suspension that focus on bodyweight and isolation workout. It is portable, easy to set up, and you can even tie it on your power cage if you have one. Allow your body to become the machine as you customize the intensity with your weight.



Gym 51 offers competitively priced gym equipment with great quality. All the products offered here sourced with great care and have received a lot of great reviews from our past users. With a great selection across different type of home gym equipment, you can be assured to find just the perfect equipment without breaking the bank.


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