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The complete guide of using a Clubbell

by Gym 51 SG 25 May 2021

Dubbed 'The Ancient Tool For Modern Athlete', this bowling pin-shaped workout tool is making a comeback during this pandemic. If you don't know what a club bell is, you're not alone as not many people used or actually heard of them although they have been around for centuries.

Legendary Indian wrestler Gama trained with a club bell and developed an enormous strength from it. Pro clubbell users argue that using clubs is safer because the act of swinging the weight places traction on the joints rather than compressing them, which also helps to develop stronger connective tissue.  

Clubbell weights from 2KG all the way up to 40KG with the bulk of their weight on the far end of the bell, which might frustrate users that have weaker wrist or shoulder strength. But that's why they are here for -- the design encourages workouts in swinging and circular motion that helps to improve upper body strength, balance, and flexibility in a way that will surprise you. 


Double Arm Pit Cast

Crush grip the handles and slowly lift the clubbells behind your head. Contract your stomach and butt and bring the clubbells back to the starting position.

Shield Cast

Clean a clubbell and then raise your elbow above your head and take the clubbell all the way around head and bring it back to the starting position. Start with lighter weight as this movement can be quite demanding on your shoulder. 



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